Chelsea Reed


New single ‘Sink This Ship’ available August 24th 2019

New single ‘Sink This Ship’ available August 24th 2019

Chelsea Reed has been building a unique and important identity in the alternative-pop scene since her musically formative years growing up in Newcastle, NSW.  Her debut single ‘Snow Covered Hill’, produced in collaboration with Josh Schuberth (Josh Pyke, Dustin Tebbutt), was released in 2013 to great acclaim and enthusiasm. The strength of that success behind her, Chelsea spent the following years developing an exciting new voice as a songwriter- using the warmth and folk sensibilities of ‘Snow Covered Hill’ as the foundation on which to build something even more sensational.

Her second single ‘I Want the World’ is daring and playful, affectionately touching on the music she has explored so far – whilst declaring itself as totally original, a new adventure. Bridging the divide between radio pop and indie darling, ‘I Want the World’ is suggestive of Regina Spektor and Bruno Mars – a sparkling, tenacious anthem to the art of keeping on.

Since re-locating to Toronto, Canada, Chelsea has been busy writing, touring and recording and released her debut self-titled album in November 2017. Produced by Dave Draves (Kathleen Edwards, Jim Bryson) at Little Bullhorn studio in Ottawa, the album is a daring, eclectic and adventurous debut that centres on Reed’s captivating vocals and off-beat songwriting with her ‘70s pop influences on display.

Her next single ‘Sink this Ship’, also produced by Draves, will be available on August 24th, 2019.

Photos: Jen Squires